Next meeting  3/14/2018
The Meeting is held at the Cashmere Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Located at 2 Riverfront Drive. Time 6:30pm

*Normal meetings are held Every second Wednesday of the month.** 
 Club Meeting at 6:30

Old Business/ New Business

02/14/2018 Meeting

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Old Business 

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Pres. Bruce M..

Last months meeting minutes approved at printed.

Finanical Report:    Checking:  $1649.90 There is a check to be deposited for $25.
                               Cash:          $50.00

COMMUNICATIONS:  Bruce M. gave us a brief overview of 5 informational emails from:

ARRA:  Department of Interior reorganization.

SUPPORT LETTERS: this was for HB3465...tourism pilot routes and letter to Ted.

MARTIN JANKOWIAK:  Wanted to know where they could ride in the Wenatchee Valley.  Let him know Okanogan County is very ATV/UTV friendly.

REP. STEELE & SENATOR HAWKINS:  Sent support letters to them and they acknowledged them and wrote back.

TED LETTER TO CHELAN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS:  asking for support of HB 2756 and to encourage them to send support letters.




 ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE:  March 17th which is a saturday, 7 p.m.  They will be working on this after Valentine's Day.  We are hoping to work with the city and get a longer route.  Maybe add a block or two along Cottage.  More information at the next meeting.  Donna will send out a ealier email for information if she gets it so that everyone can plan ahead.


1156  Population Creteria--STALLED
1307  Dual Speed--STALLED
1589  Right of Way--in Enviromental--STALLED
2756  Tourism Pilot Routes-- STALLED-- too costly & not enough support.
2934  WATV on state routes--Dropped--added to 2723
2723  Modifying types--This allows cities, Towns and Counties to regulate roads.  No speed restrictions listed.  Populations less than 3,000.

CHARITY EVENT:  We talked about doing some for the VETS.  The Special Olympians was also brought up.  Merritt, Nicole and Bob will look into getting more information for VETS.  A ride maybe and a lunch.

WALLACE TRIP:  The Huckleberry Festival folks have not set the date yet.  It is usually the 3rd weekend in August.  Possibly August 18th and 19th.  Good place to stay is THE BLUE ANCHOR RV PARK.

TRAILS COALITION:  We have talked about three different ride.  Those being the Coclokum, Burch and Nahahum.  Donna will push for Nahahum if we get our routes back.

DEPT. OF AG:  Is looking for comments how they can provide better customer service and remove unintended barriers to participation in their programs.  Comments can be sent thru  The deadline is July 17, 2018.

We also discussed a NOTICE OF INTENT from the BLM.  In compliance with NEPA and the Federal Land Policy and Management, the BLM intends to prepare 2 programmatic Environmental Impact Statements for BLM districts.  They were loooking for comments but that comment period ends February 20, 2018.

 TRAVEL MANAGEMENT PLAN:  From what we have been able to gather, it is still on schedule to be implemented in April.  They are working on the maps and other final elements.  It appears we will be getting approx. 700 miles.  This will include our 350 miles of routes, some trails and roads already in place and some added miles.  We will see soon.  Ted, Spencer and Donna will be meeting with the Forest Service as soon as they can.

 COUNTY & CITY REPORT:  Quincy is still a work in progress for State Route travel.  The City Attorney has begun the process. Lewis & Pierce Counties are working on their ordinances.
Monroe is still a work in progress. Selah-people have slowed down on this.  People want it but they don't want to do their part to help those that are trying to make it happen.
 We had a good discussion on Ham Radios.

Some interesting facts:  29,765 machines were licensed for off road and 19,823 machines were licensed for WATV use in the fiscal year 2017.

Donna would like everyone to please understand there are somethings she knows about but is asked not to share.  When she is able to share she will.  Such as some of the legislation, she has been in on from the beginning and is priviledged to know that information, again she will share as able.


Motion was made, seconded and passed to give Donna permission to  purchase paper and ink for the printer.

Donna asked the membership to please talk to her if you feel she is not doing her job or getting information out in a timely manner.  She didn't go into detail about this but was very concerned that members felt she was not and stated she would step down if someone wants to take over.

 NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting is March 14th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50p.m.

Club Dues

$25.00 for your family, and the year.

2016/2017 Board Members

  • President - Bruce M
  • Vice-President - Gene
  • Secretary - Donna
  • Treasurer -  Merritt
  • 1 Board Member Position - Bruce G
  • 2 Board Member Position - Tim















Guest Speaker






When the routes are open again -keep in mind:


Support Legislation to Limit the President's Authority to Designate Massive National Monuments.  Contact your Senators now.

   H.R. 4665/S. 2219 Passed the House and Senate.  This is the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016.  Ready to be signed by the President.

   H.R. 845 Becomes Law.  This is the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act.  It is a bill that will require the U.S. Forest Service to develop a national strategy to maximize the use of volunteers to maintain trails on Forest Service Lands.

   H.R. 5982 The Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2016.  This bill would allow Congress to have more efficient oversight of lst minute rules and regulations finalized by the Administration.  As of mid November this was expected to be voted very shortly.  Haven't heard or seen anything on this since.







  • When the trails are open: 
    - Please keep a record so that the Forest Service can get credit to help with grant funding. This also shows the forest service we are out there doing our part. 
    - Also please pick up any trash you see out on the trails.
    - Take pictures of the scenery and of cleaning up the trails and send them to and she will post them online.