*Notice 9/6/2017

Next meeting is being moved to 9/6/2017
The Meeting is held at the Cashmere Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Located at 2 Riverfront Drive. Same Time as normal. 6:30

*Normal meetings are held Every second Wednesday of the month.** 
 Club Meeting at 6:30

Old Business/ New Business

8/10/2017 Meeting

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Old Business 

Events and Notes:

1.  Ride with Ken Muggli this Saturday.  Leave Republic at 8:30 a.m. and return about 3 p.m.   Pack a lunch and something to drink thru out the day.  You can get more information from Ken if needed at 509-775-2889. 

 2.  If you are planning on participating in the FARMER-CONSUMER AWARENESS DAY Parade in Quincy, please print off the form and get it to me.  If you can not print it off, please let me know and I will get one to you.  You WILL need a copy of your insurance card for your machine.  We want a good number to represent the club, so please let me know...

 3.  Can you help with the booth at the Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day in Quincy?  Donna has a long table, materials for the booth, photo album, banner, and a couple chairs.  It would be nice if someone has a pop-up canopy andchair.  I have a call to see what time the booths should be open but haven't gotten a call back.

4.  Club Memberships:  We have just a handful of people that I have not heard from.  I would like to have this taken care of at the end of August.  Thank you to those that have paid, are sending monies and those that I have had contact with. 


COMMUNICATIONS: From NC ATV---F.S. Methow Ranger States that they do not recognize the WATVs as legal on 35mph roads even though they are under the law.  Also addressing complaints regarding their Officer.

 WASHINGTON TRAILS COALITION:  Gene, Kathy and Donna attended the first meeting.  Very interesting.  We will be the first Conference that includes the motorized aspect of recreation.  They would like some one from the Snowmobile, 4x4, motorcycle and waterway worlds to join in for future meetings.  The local group will be meeting at a date to be determined shortly.
  WAATVA Membership:  They are working on putting a package together.  They will contact us when finished.
  LETTER & NOTICE:  Donna has dropped the ball.  SORRY! ! ! .

  CAMP OUT REPORT.  Bruce & Joan, Bruce & Donna and Gene & Kathy camped for the weekend.  Bob Ashfor and Byron & Lisa Gatlin came for the day on Saturday.  We made it out to the Funny and Moon Rocks.  Good time was had by all.

  DUES:  FINAL DUES WERE DUE AT THIS MEETING.  Donna will be sending out a final note to about 8 or 9 with hopes they will get back to her by the end of the month.

  SHERIFF'S OFFICE MEETING:  Merritt and Donna met with Deputies Kent Sisson and Rick Johnson.  After Donna digging deep and talking breifly with Sisson, it was clear that Merritt was fine as where he was.  Sisson and Johnson will be having a meeting with Mcloed about this and his approach on dealin with this matter.  Merritt asked if they would be willing to come to a meeting and answer questions we might have about the Sheriff's Office and WATVs.  They said they would be more than happy to do so but will not address anything to do with teh Forest Service.  Still trying to set this up

.FARMER-CONSUMER AWARENESS DAY:  September 9, 2017.  Parade begins at 10 a.m.  There is also an opportunity to have a booth.  Donna will send out notices to see if we can get enough machines to do the parade and enough help to do the booth.  If we do the booth, money has been approved to pay for a space if needed.  Please check your emails and let Donna know. 


 TICKETS GIVEN:  Travis reported that at least 2 people were given a $100 ticket coming out of Wenatchee at the North end.  He is trying to get more information.

  RIDE WITH KEN:  Ken Muggli is leading a ride on August 19th.  Depart from Republic at 8:30 a.m. and return about 3 p.m.  Route is about 65 miles long.  Very Scenic, Summit Quartz Mountain, 11 miles on a challenging trail, about 30 miles on Forest Service Roads, some nice trails and return over the 11 miles challenging trail.  For more information, please contact Ken at 509-775-2889 or hebron1947@gmail.com

  FUTURE RIDES:  Camp out and BOUNTY HOLE & MUD BOGS in Moses Lake Dunes.  September 16 AND 17.  Bounty Hole and Bogs are on the 16th.  Come for the weekend or a day.

  NEWS FROM TED:  Lots of projects in the works.

  Grand Coulee, Kittitas, Cosmopolis, Ocean Shores, Pullman and Rock Island have passed an WATV Ordinance.  Hoquiam is working on it.  Have not heard any up dates from Grant, Pierce, Lewis or Snohomish Counties.

  ADA:  ADA PARKING Tabs are now available.

 GOOD OF THE ORDER:    Next Meeting is SEPTEMBER 6TH.  Due to Bruce and Donna heading over to Moses lake for the camp out.

 Donna was on the Okanogan-Wenatchee web site and pulled up a report of projects.  On this it stated the OKANOGAN-WENATCHEE FOREST PLAN REVISION WAS PUT ON HOLD.


 Brian reported there is an amateur Radio Classes in January for intro class and Beginning Sept. 25th for General.  Brian will share information as he gets it.

 While at the WTC. Meeting Donna was talking with Linda Herald and she strongly suggested we approach the Wenatchee City Counsel about changing the speed limit at the north end of town.  Donna will check into this.

 During a large discussion, one of the questions we are wondering about is how many of the plates used for quds and side by sides is tagged for WATV is for street legal use.  Lots of discussion on what is being done and what we are doing to get what WATV users should have with the Forest Service.  Our guest Tom Watson had many questions and we answered them the best we could.



Club Dues

$25.00 for your family, and the year.

2016/2017 Board Members

  • President - Bruce M
  • Vice-President - Gene
  • Secretary - Donna
  • Treasurer -  Merritt
  • 1 Board Member Position - Bruce G
  • 2 Board Member Position - Tim















Guest Speaker






When the routes are open again -keep in mind:


Support Legislation to Limit the President's Authority to Designate Massive National Monuments.  Contact your Senators now.

   H.R. 4665/S. 2219 Passed the House and Senate.  This is the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016.  Ready to be signed by the President.

   H.R. 845 Becomes Law.  This is the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act.  It is a bill that will require the U.S. Forest Service to develop a national strategy to maximize the use of volunteers to maintain trails on Forest Service Lands.

   H.R. 5982 The Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2016.  This bill would allow Congress to have more efficient oversight of lst minute rules and regulations finalized by the Administration.  As of mid November this was expected to be voted very shortly.  Haven't heard or seen anything on this since.







  • When the trails are open: 
    - Please keep a record so that the Forest Service can get credit to help with grant funding. This also shows the forest service we are out there doing our part. 
    - Also please pick up any trash you see out on the trails.
    - Take pictures of the scenery and of cleaning up the trails and send them to nicoled250@yahoo.com and she will post them online.