Next meeting  11/8/2017
The Meeting is held at the Cashmere Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Located at 2 Riverfront Drive. Time 6:30pm

*Normal meetings are held Every second Wednesday of the month.** 
 Club Meeting at 6:30

Old Business/ New Business

10/11/2017 Meeting

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Old Business 

October 11, 2017

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Bruce M.

Guest:  Mike McCleod from the Chelan County Sheriff's Office.

We went right into Mike's presentation on WATVs and the County.  He had a power point presentation about verious things about WATVs.  Here is a list of some of the highlights from his presentation and questions & answer part:

 Mike stated if you put D.O.T. approved tires youare breaking the law.  Tires can only be approved for up to 20 psi and 30inches.
 You may only cross the highway at a controled intersection like at a stop light or at a stop sign at intersections like at Anjou Bakery.
 If Law Enforcement needs your help, you are deputized to travel anywhere needed.
 ATVs or Side by Sides registered for Agriculture are exempt from plates, wearing helmets, needed driver's licenses, and go where ever  they want.  They are supposed to display the triangle.  They are considered as a tractor.
 $136 dollar tickets if under 16 without a licensed adult driver.  He stated you have to be a licensed driver to get the green plate.
 Mike stated people from out of State can ride here in Washington and MUST comply with requirements of getting a green plate.
 WATV's driving where they are not supposed to is the biggest issue they are having.
 4 seaters--Mike is treating like any other UTV as long as they have the green plate and being good he will leave them alone.  4 seaters are more than 110 inches.
 Mike stated:  If you don't wear your seatbelt you have to wear a helmet !!!
 Mike stated you have to have turn signals no matter what the form says to be WATV approved for the roads.

 Mike also feels we should be able to use all the Forest Service roads etc.

 On to the regular meeting :

 Last months meeting minutes approved at printed.

 Finanical Report:    Checking:  $1499.59
                               Savings:     $45.31    
                               Cash:          $50.00    

 COMMUNICATIONS: Ted forwarded an email to Donna.  This email is regarding the roads in the Forest Service are County roads.  Hoping to find someone that can look into this further.

 CALAWAH SUPPORT LETTER:  Donna wrote of a letter of support for the opening up of approx. 22 miles of roads and trails in the Olympic National Forest..  Members present signed the letter and it was dropped in the mail.
 WAATVA Membership:  Not sure what is happening with this Association as of now.  The current President needs to step down and unsure where it will lead to.

 MEMBERSHIP:  As of the meeting we have 31 paid memberships including 3 new memberships, 5 members left for various reasons, 3 checks are being sent and one member we haven't heard from and not answering calls.  And our guest member Ted.

We had a discussion about Life Membership.  Motion was made, seconded and passed to stay with the yearly dues.

 OKANOGAN COUNTY:  Still a work in progress to open up what was taken away.

 FARMER-CONSUMER AWARENESS DAY:  Gene, Kathy, Ron, Rick and Rick's brother participated in the parade while Donna was stationed at the Booth.  After the parade Kathy, Gene and Ron helped with the booth.  We gained 2 memberships and 2 possible memberships.  Good event and think that it would be good to do this next year.

 SAVING ACCOUNT:  When the statement came in there was a $5 service fee.  They started charging this to business accounts that are under $300.  Donna called and talked with them.  They returned the $5 and she went down and signed the paperwork to close the savings account.  That $50.31 was added to the Checking account.  The total in checking is $1549.90.

  FUTURE RIDES:  Camp out with Bruce and Donna this weekend October 13-15.  Come for the day or the weekend.

 NEWS FROM TED:  Lots of projects in the works.

 Centralia:  has lost momentum and died with not getting a second to pass it.

 Quincy:  Gene isw working with them to pass travel on the highways within the City limits by side by sides only.

  Monroe:  had a Council meeting Tuesday night but have not heard anything.

  Entiat:  Donna has contacted them and they are looking into it.

  Pierce and Lewis Counties are still a work in progress.

 Cowlitz County:  Are in the begining stages of check it out.

Gray Harbor: passed an ordinance type thing for the Forest Service to keep County Roads open to the public year round.

News from Ted:  They are working on some new legislature one is changing our speed cap to 50.  He has meetings to get some backing.  The other bills that didn't get looked at will be back on the docket.

 Brian let us know that there is going to be a HAM RADIO CLASS in Janruary.  Cost of the book and $15 for the test.  More information when it gets closer. 

   MEETING:  The next meeting is November 8th.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:05p.m.

Club Dues

$25.00 for your family, and the year.

2016/2017 Board Members

  • President - Bruce M
  • Vice-President - Gene
  • Secretary - Donna
  • Treasurer -  Merritt
  • 1 Board Member Position - Bruce G
  • 2 Board Member Position - Tim















Guest Speaker






When the routes are open again -keep in mind:


Support Legislation to Limit the President's Authority to Designate Massive National Monuments.  Contact your Senators now.

   H.R. 4665/S. 2219 Passed the House and Senate.  This is the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016.  Ready to be signed by the President.

   H.R. 845 Becomes Law.  This is the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act.  It is a bill that will require the U.S. Forest Service to develop a national strategy to maximize the use of volunteers to maintain trails on Forest Service Lands.

   H.R. 5982 The Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2016.  This bill would allow Congress to have more efficient oversight of lst minute rules and regulations finalized by the Administration.  As of mid November this was expected to be voted very shortly.  Haven't heard or seen anything on this since.







  • When the trails are open: 
    - Please keep a record so that the Forest Service can get credit to help with grant funding. This also shows the forest service we are out there doing our part. 
    - Also please pick up any trash you see out on the trails.
    - Take pictures of the scenery and of cleaning up the trails and send them to and she will post them online.