Next meeting  4/11/2018
*Our meeting location has changed. It will be at the Veterans Hall located at 512 South Chelan.

Behind the church, plenty of parking. Time 6:30pm

*Normal meetings are held Every second Wednesday of the month.** 
 Club Meeting at 6:30

Old Business/ New Business

04/11/2018 Meeting

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Old Business 

Our meeting location has changed. 4/11/2018 - It will be at the VETERANS HALL located at 512 SOUTH CHELAN.  BEHIND THE CHURCH.  PLENTY OF PARKING.

  2.  LAND USE MEETING:  This will be Tuesday April 10th.  Beginning at 7 p.m. in the basement of the FOOTHILLS FOUR CORNERS CHURCH. 315 SOUTH MISSION STREET. 

 3.  The Ardenvoir  Parade.  This is Saturday April 14th.  No charge to participate.  Just show up.  Parade starts at 12 p.m. noon.  If there is enough interest let's do this.  I can bring the banners to the meeting on Wednesday.  Bruce has to work.  I could trailer my side by side to this if we can get enough interest.  ATVs are also welcomed.  

 4.  MOSES LAKE DUNES.  I know the weather is crappy but Bruce, Donna and other club members will be there for the weekend.  Come for the weekend or a day.  Even bring a chair and sit under the awning or by the fire and chat.  We welcome that too.  Just something to do until we can put together a ride elsewhere.

Hope to see more people at the meeting and add some input to what is happening or to help plan an outing.

 Officer nominations begin next month for President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board position held by Bob Ashford I believe to be the one.


Club Dues

$25.00 for your family, and the year.

2016/2017 Board Members

  • President - Bruce M
  • Vice-President - Gene
  • Secretary - Donna
  • Treasurer -  Merritt
  • 1 Board Member Position - Bruce G
  • 2 Board Member Position - Tim















Guest Speaker






When the routes are open again -keep in mind:


Support Legislation to Limit the President's Authority to Designate Massive National Monuments.  Contact your Senators now.

   H.R. 4665/S. 2219 Passed the House and Senate.  This is the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act of 2016.  Ready to be signed by the President.

   H.R. 845 Becomes Law.  This is the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act.  It is a bill that will require the U.S. Forest Service to develop a national strategy to maximize the use of volunteers to maintain trails on Forest Service Lands.

   H.R. 5982 The Midnight Rules Relief Act of 2016.  This bill would allow Congress to have more efficient oversight of lst minute rules and regulations finalized by the Administration.  As of mid November this was expected to be voted very shortly.  Haven't heard or seen anything on this since.







  • When the trails are open: 
    - Please keep a record so that the Forest Service can get credit to help with grant funding. This also shows the forest service we are out there doing our part. 
    - Also please pick up any trash you see out on the trails.
    - Take pictures of the scenery and of cleaning up the trails and send them to and she will post them online.